Life of a troubled young man, Nino Scarpinato

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Life of a troubled young man, Nino Scarpinato

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:28 am

NAME: Nino Scarpinato
AGE: 16
DATE OF BIRTH: 26/9/2001
PLACE OF BIRTH: the Salvator Mundi International Hospital, Viale Mura Gianicolensi, 67, Rome
CURRENT RESIDENCE: 1376 Vinewood Boulevard, Temple, Los Santos 343, San Andreas
OCCUPATION: Works under Ferrera in the slaughterhouse up on the western Ocean Docks
WEIGHT: 156 lbs
BUILD: Normal build
PHYSICAL SCARS: Marked GSW around his stomach region

Nino is born in Italy but raised in the Western part of Philadelphia with his step mom and his grumpy father. Nino's mother died due to a drug overdose, heroin. Nino's mother died when he was in the age of 6 in Italy, since the incident the family decided to move out from Italy. They moved up to West Philadelphia where Roberto, Nino's father thought about a start over from there. They rented an apartment up on Wynnefield, Roberto had a job as a sales representative for a union company and everything seemed to be working out very well . Nino started growing up as the days, months and years pass by, he used to go to school named Samuel Gompers School, he was usually getting bullied on and eventually get robbed of his money and food. After the passing of a decent time, Nino's father married a local neighbour which made Nino's depression grow more and more, frequently. Nino started smoking since the age of 13, he used it as a way to calm himself down. He didn't allow anyone to bully him in school, he used to release his anger on the bullies, he even got more paranoid and wait for his targeted bullies outside their houses and retalite even rob them. By then Nino got expelled from school because of his daily disturbance and vandalism and what made it even worse, his father got fired from his work due to being on duty while drunk, by then he came a liability to the company. They decided to rearrange their life once more and move up to Los Santos, San Andreas, Nino was 15 when the event happened. Now Nino's father owns a barber shop which he inherited from Nino's grandfather, Nino is gradually failing in school, he became no use when it comes to education and basically Nino's father abuses Nino by toying him around or brutally assaulting him. Nino has his anger sucked up deep inside him and dis-reliefed. On this moment, Nino decided to look up to himself and looks up on his own priorities.


This is how Nino's life goes since his arrival ---


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Re: Life of a troubled young man, Nino Scarpinato

Post by Frank_Juliano on Tue Jul 25, 2017 11:59 am



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