James "Jimmy" Leggieri

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James "Jimmy" Leggieri

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 09, 2017 7:01 pm

NAME: James Leggieri
ALIES(ES): Jimmy, Jimmy Legs
AGE: 24
DATE OF BIRTH: 24/05/1993
PLACE OF BIRTH: NYU Langone Medical Center
CURRENT RESIDENCE: Vinewood, Los Santos

OCCUPATION: Loan Agent at Cash Now Union
VEHICLES: Nissan Cima ((Admiral))

LOVES: Sex, Whiskey and Money
LIKES: Tricking people.
RESPECTS: People that respect him.

FAVORITE FOOD: Pizza Prosciutto.
FAVORITE DRINK: Jack Daniels on the rocks.

HEIGHT: 5'11 ft
WEIGHT: 95 kg
BUILD: Slim but atlethic
PHYSICAL SCARS: Long operation scar on his left calve

LIFE DEVELOPMENT: James grew up in New York, probably one of the most criminal city at the time. Although James knew a lot of criminals back in his past, he was never involved with one, it never really spoke to him. One day, in the year 2003, James noticed his father talking to some rather weird people, all dressed up in suits, slicked back hair, he's only seen people like them in movies. James wasn't sure what to think of his father and his cooperation with them, he just went along with it since he knew, he couldn't do anything about it. Not even a year after he found about this alliance, his father disappeared in the middle of the day. James's mother acted like she knew what was going on but she wouldn't tell James, even though, in the back of his head, James knew what happend. It didn't take long until the police arrived on their doorstep, telling them that their husband and father, has been found dead with a bullet right through his mouth. His mother broke down crying, weeping on the floor, James? James stood there as if he already knew about it when his father didn't come home. James finished school and worked with his uncle Angelo on the carpet store, with a minimum wage, barely making any money. It didn't take long for James to realize that this wasn't for him, so he grabbed his stuff, bought a ticket with all the money he made at that time and flew out to Los Santos.

Jimmy in Los Santos
James arrived in Los Santos after a four hour flight. Walking through the city he noticed, that this city just swims in criminals. He didn't make much about it, he carried on his way to a hotel. Once he arrived, he slept through the rest of the day and the night. On the next day, he got out of bed, confident as ever. He went jobbing, making a few bucks here and a few bucks there, just enough to pay his room. But on the way home, James decided to have a little bit of fun so he met two guys, Aaron Provenzano and Charles Provenzano, two rather bad poker players. He didn't know that these two guys, would be his best friends in the future. They played a lot of poker, in casino's, at their home, where ever they could. Even their job had something to do with poker, they broke into homes, stole everything they could, especially poker tables, so they sold them after. It didn't take long until something bad just had to happen. Charles was addicted to gambling, betting a whooping twenty million on a blackjack game, he lost. Charles thought money would be everything so he gave up the will to live, shot himself right in the head. Aaron left town once he found out about that and James? James got a job at a meat market but he didn't know, that job would change his life forever.


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Re: James "Jimmy" Leggieri

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